News: Celine Colours has a new owner. Special Orchids has taken over Celine Colours since december 1st 2017. We wish them all the best in continuing the brand. 




The Company Structure


Celine Colours is situated on the J. Poortmanweg 15 te Berkel en Rodenrijs. This is a small new horticultural area near to the Munnikenweg. (an older horticultural area ). In our company of 16.000 m2 we grow large flowering cutflower cymbidium. We work with an internal transportsystem to transport the flowers to the packing area without damaging the product and roller conveyors to transport the boxes to the end of the packingprocedure. Here the boxes are quality checked and put on special auction trollies.


At Celine nursery we grow 5200 m2 late flowering ( May-July ) and 10400 m2 early flowering ( August-November ). Since the start in 1992 we our philosophy is to produce our quality product out of the normal season. That in contrary to our collegae growers. Therefore the bulk of our business and labour is done in summer. Another line of work we do is the selection and propagation of existing cymbidium varieties for our own use to upgrade our plant stock and for selling to colleague growers. These plants are grown at Hans Bart Orchids to a pot size 5 liter.




In 1984 we ( Paul van Schie and Esther Kortekaas ) met Esthers fathers nursery in Leidschendam.


In 1992 we started our company in a small old nursery in Berkel en Rodenrijs on the Munnikenweg.

We named the nursery after our oldest daughter Celine.


In 1999 we moved to a complete new nursery on the J Poortmanweg in Berkel en Rodenrijs.

It consists of 16000 m2 of contemporary greenhouse with a lot of new technical features installed .

For example our outdoor shading system on the roof of our greenhouse.







We are specialized in growing cutflower cymbidium of the highest quality from May till November.

The flowers can be supplied as mixed colour boxes or as single colour.

The following list shows the varieties we grow for our cutflower production.


(flowering period August - November.)

Arcadian Sunrise , Baltic Honey Bonnie, Sugarlee,Anna Paulowna ,Winter Royal Pink Peach ,Beauty Fred nr. 60, Yonina, Esther ,Hans ,Honey Green Melissa ,Magic Flor, Fleurijn ,Sungold ,Lisanne Bonyoni ,Winterbird ,La Vie Anna, Masflor, Jeane, Evita, Masterpink.



(flowering period May-July)

ER Special , Jungle Trail , Levis Duke Butterball , MM Princess,Indian Bazar ,Jungfrau , Danny Green, California Cascade, Treasure ,Gymer Cooksbridge, SE Bryce ,SE Grand Canyon , SE Valley of Fire, Pink Beauty Joal ,Summer Geyser Candy.



Consumer information



The orchid family (orchidaceae rase) is one of the largest plantfamilies in the world. More than 20.000 different species are found and even nowadays new wild species are discovered. The wild varieties of orchids can be found in Europe , North America and Asia. The cymbidium we grow at our nursery originate from the Himalaya from where it was taken to England around the year 1900 . There it was used for cross-breeding what resulted in an assortment of more than 1000 different cymbidium varieties we know today.


Cut flower care :

• Cut 3 cm off the end of the stem

• Place the stem in a clean vase filled with luke-warm water

• Replace the water once a week

• Add a stem of decorative foliage if preferred

• Keep the flower out of bright sunlight and avoid draughts.




Celine Colours

Poortmanweg 15

2651 NB Berkel en Rodenrijs



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Fax: 0031(0) 105 111 365

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